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Holley Instructional Technology: What is an "ITS"?

Instructional Technology at Holley CSD

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My goal as an Instructional Technology Specialist is to support the faculty and staff at Holley by:

  • Brainstorming with you to find meaningful and purposeful ways to positively impact student learning and engagement.
  • Performing any background research necessary.
  • Customizing solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your students.
  • Providing whatever level of support you personally need to become comfortable with utilizing technology with your students, either by conducting a “dry run” of the activity with you ahead of time, pushing-in to model the technology the first time with your students, or providing background support as you lead.
  • Curating resources and organizing them into one easy-to-access location (see tabs above!).

ASCD Article

In the ASCD article The Many Roles of an Instructional Coach, Heather Wolpert-Gawron acticulates (much better than I!) the many functions of an Instructional Technology Specialist.

Instructional Technology Specialist

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