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Holley Instructional Technology: Office 365

Instructional Technology at Holley CSD

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What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of online tools that allow you and your students to access documents, communicate, and collaborate instantly from any device with internet access (including a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

Accessing Office 365

All users can access the online tools from any internet browser (but Chrome is recommended!):

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your regular Holley email address (___@holleycsd) and password.

3. Click OneDrive to view files previously stored online, or a different app tile to create a new document. 

What Benefits does Office 365 Bring to the Classroom?

Just a few of the benefits of integrating Office 365 into the classroom include:

  • ACCESS FILES FROM ANYWHERE - Access files and apps from any location, at any time, while on any device…whether at school, home, or Starbucks! (Just think: NO MORE LOST THUMBDRIVES!)

  • EASY TO USE - All apps are accessible via a single location by logging at the Office 365 website. Streamlined Word, PowerPoint, & Excel apps also look very similar to the desktop versions that teachers and students are already familiar with.

  • GREAT COLLABORATION TOOLS - No more emailing multiple versions of a file back and forth in order to collaborate – now you, your students, and your colleagues can co-author and comment on the same “live” version of a file simultaneously.

Office 365 Apps

When you and your students first sign in to Office 365 (at, you will notice a landing page with lots of colorful tiles. All of the apps in Office 365 are accessible by clicking their associated tile on this main page, and/or by clicking the “waffle” icon that stays visible in the top corner of any Office 365 app. 


Both file storage and file sharing, the OneDrive app allows you and your students to access your files from any location and via any device (ex. your PC at school, your laptop at home, or your phone at Starbucks!). Share files with both students and colleagues, and collaborate on the same document at the same time.

→ Microsoft Support: What is OneDrive?
→ Microsoft Support: Manage Your Files
→ Microsoft Support: Share & Sync

→ Microsoft Support: OneDrive Quick Start

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

This “streamlined” version of the full Word app will allow you and your students to create and edit documents and access them from any device.  Share docs with students and colleagues, and collaborate and/or comment on a doc in real-time. The “Immersive Reader” tool will also read text aloud to help in the editing process. 

Create, edit, and present all from this online version of PowerPoint.  Start from scratch, or use one of the many pre-made templates.  Replace student poster-projects with dynamic and engaging visual presentations that can easily incorporate images, videos, audio, and animations. Great for group research projects!

Both you and your students can organize and analyze data in familiar Excel spreadsheets, as well as create modern charts and graphs to display and present that data.  Users can also collaborate simultaneously on the same worksheet.

→ Microsoft Educator Community: Reimagine the Writing Process Course
→ Microsoft Support: Word Online Quickstart
→ Microsoft Support: Basic Tasks in PowerPoint Online


Similar to a 3-ring binder, OneNote helps you and your students to organize notes into sections and pages.  Keep the Notebook private for your own purposes, or share it with students and/or colleagues to collaboratively organize research, plan group projects, and record meeting minutes.

→ Microsoft Educator Community: Introduction to OneNote Course
→ Microsoft Educator Community: OneNote the Ultimate Collaboration Tool Course
→ Microsoft Support: Basic Tasks in OneNote Online
→ Microsoft Support: OneNote Online Help


With Sway, teachers and students can create interactive reports & presentations that include images, audio, video, charts, and other embedded media.  Sway takes care of the visual design for users, so they can focus on the content, rather than the layout.  

→ Microsoft Educator Community: Introduction to Sway Course
→ Microsoft Support: Getting Started with Sway
→ Microsoft Support: Sway Help


Easy-to-create forms can be designed and shared with students, parents, and colleagues in minutes.  Quickly assess student progress and get feedback with surveys and quizzes, and then see results in real-time to help inform your teaching.

→ Microsoft Support: What is Microsoft Forms?
→ Microsoft Support: Using Branching in Microsoft Forms




Microsoft Educator Community

The Microsoft Educator Community has free, online courses and resources (including great videos!) that you can access by creating a free account with your Office 365 login at

Introduction to Office 365: YouTube Resources