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Holley Instructional Technology: SAMR Model

Instructional Technology at Holley CSD

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Teaching with Tech Tips

5 Simple Tips For Teaching With Technology
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  1. Think Function First
    Ask yourself, "What exactly is the technology doing?"
    Technology use should be strategic and intentional.

  2. Let Students Lead
    Ask yourself, "What teaching could the students be doing?"
    Let students figure out the logistics for how to use technology for presenting, turning work in, sharing feedback, maintaining a digital portfolio, etc

  3. Start with What You Know
    Ask yourself, "I might need to push myself out of my comfort zone eventually, but where am I comfortable to start?"
    Begin with technologies that you use in your daily life and are comfortable with.  Learn how technology is actually used in the learning profess before learning to juggle new technology.

  4. Experiment Constantly 
    Ask yourself, "What are some simple ways that using technology can save me time and make common tasks easier?"
    Step out of your comfort zone to seek better ways to complete common tasks that take up your time better spent in other areas.

  5. It's Not About Your Comfort Level
    Ask yourself, "How can I see educational technology with a new set of eyes, focusing on its function first?"
    Prioritize what is important in your classroom. Don't let built-in habits become difficult to break, but also don't just jump on what is trendy at that moment.

Pedagogy First

What is SAMR?

What is SAMR?

Similar to Bloom's Taxonomy, the SAMR Model was designed as a guide for teachers when integrating technology into their classrooms.  Rather than utilizing technology just for technology's sake, this model enables teachers to really think about the purpose behind the use of the technology.

Videos that Introduce SAMR

SAMR Visuals

There are many different ways to visualize the 4 levels on the SAMR Model.  Below are just a few. Click on the images to see them full-size!

Traditional SAMR Model

SAMR Ladder


SAMR Infinity

The Hamlin School

SAMR Coffee

Image created by Jonathan Brubaker (@mia_sarx)

SAMR Latte


SAMR Swimming Pool

Friday Institute