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Holley Instructional Technology: Windows 8

Instructional Technology at Holley CSD

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Split Screens

Splitting Your Screen with the "Snap" Feature

In Windows 8, there is a new feature called "Snap," which allows you to drag windows around the screen until they snap into place (splitting your screen into 2 sections!).

To try this out:

  1. Open the program that you would like to have on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click at the very top of the page and drag the window to the far left.  
  3. Let go once you see a translucent frame appear on the screen.  Windows should "snap" the screen on the left half of the page

  4. Repeat with a second window that you would like "snapped" on the right side.
  5. In order to "undo" the split screens, you can drag the windows up to the top of the screen and let go, or click the "maximize" button. 

Scan to Create PDFs on the Xerox

Scan to Email on the Xerox Copier

You can scan documents, worksheets, and other student work on the Primary Xerox (ES) and Copy Room Xeroxes (MS-HS) and have the copies emailed to you as a PDF attachment! 

...This makes it especially easy to insert pages into SMART Notebook to use interactively with students!  Choose the "SMART Notebook Document Writer" from your list of printers to automatically embed whatever you're using into a SMART Notebook file!