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Holley Instructional Technology: Formative Assessments

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What are Formative Assessments?

Formative assessment tools allow teachers to quickly and easily check student understanding, obtain valuable data to track student progress, and gain a better understanding for how to modify future instruction.

Digital Formative Assessment Platforms

Below are just a few of the free platforms that you and your students can use to begin digital formative assessments!


Kahoot allows teachers to create multiple-choice, game-based quizzes. The energetic scoreboards and music (optional!) keep students engaged. Images and videos can also be embedded.

  • The new "Team Mode" feature allows students to collaborate on answers!
  • The new "Blind Mode" strategy lets teachers introduce new concepts and topics with Kahoot.  Teachers ask a pre-teaching question, allow students to discuss how they came up with their answers, and then a follow-up question is asked to check for understanding.

Note: Game must be played as a whole class, with the teacher setting the pace on the SMART Board.  A time limit for each question is set, with a max of 2 minutes.


NearPod is a tool that allows teachers to assess students during a presentation. Content slides can be created within the program itself or uploaded (from PowerPoint or Sway).  Polls, drawings, open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, etc. can be added in between slides.

Reports summarize students' responses, which can be used for grading or feedback.

Teachers can choose between "Live Lessons" and "Student-Paced."  With Live Lessons, teachers can show (anonymous) student answers on the board for the class to discuss.  (Great flipped classroom tool!)


Mentimeter is an easy-to-use tool that allows teachers and presenters to create fun and interactive presentations.  Formative assessment tools include "live" word clouds, voting, image choice, multiple choice, scales, open-ended, 100 points (prioritize), and matrix.  In the free version, you can add 2 questions and/or 5 quiz questions.  You can also export a summary of the results in a PDF.


Padlet is a free application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information or create a discussion area for your class. Easily create an account and build a new board (students do not need to sign in to use the board, just follow your link!). Users can add images, links, audio, videos, and more to posts.

Use Padlet as a class discussion board, location to submit questions, KWL chart, post predictions, 3-2-1 exit ticket, resource list, question of the day, etc.

*NOTE: You can now Print your padlets in an easy-to-read format! 


Socrative can be used for many different purposes, including quizzes, on-the-fly polling questions, exit tickets, team-based review, etc. The students can work at their own pace, or the quiz can be designed to be a "quizified" space race.  Live results and individual student progress is shown on the teacher dashboard.

Socrative also provides teachers with comprehensive reports so that they can track individual student progress or see how the class as a whole performed on each question.

Note: While students are working independently, Socrative still requires the teacher to begin and end the quiz for the class (must be taken concurrently).


Formative allows teachers to create interactive assignments and provides live results. Besides multiple choice, students can type, create "show your work" drawings (great for math!), or submit pictures.  Pre-made PDF and Word documents can be uploaded to create quizzes, to which teachers can add YouTube video tutorials, white board space, etc. to assist students as they work.  Teachers can also provide instant feedback to the students in live time.


Quizizz allows teachers to create multiplayer quiz games that students can take "live" from school or for "homework" at home.  Students play together, but each at their own pace. The quizzes provide options for immediate student feedback.  The teacher is provided with detailed data on the class and individual students.

Google Forms
and Quizzes

Google Forms allows teachers to create surveys, quizzes, exit-tickets, and parent questionnaires with a variety of answer options (including multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-downs, short answer, paragraphs, linear scales, and grids).  The student responses automatically populate in a spreadsheet on the teacher's Google Drive account.

The new "quiz" feature enables teachers to set correct answers and have Google Forms automatically correct and grade multiple-choice and checkbox questions, even providing feedback, explanations, and review materials when students get selected questions wrong. 

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a simple tool that works with live audiences.  Teachers can pose a survey question to their audience, who then responds by using their personal devices (phones, etc).  Results update in real time.

Note: Limited to 25 responses per poll.

Today's Meet

Today's Meet is a "backchannel" chat platform for teachers.  Teachers begin by creating a Today's Meet page and providing the link for students to join.  Today's Meet enables students to participate "behind the scenes" by asking questions and having discussions.  This tool is especially powerful in keeping students engaged while watching videos in class...just post an essential question on the board before the video begins to focus student conversations.


PollDaddy allows teachers to create quick surveys, polls, quizzes, and rating guides that can be collected via their website, email, or the PollDaddy app.  There are numerous question types to choose from.


PD Resources

Revisit the presentation from the 1/10 ES Faculty meeting by clicking the image below.

Revisit the presentation from the 10/4 MSHS Faculty Meeting by clicking the links below.


(NOTE: The links above may "time out" after a certain period of time.  Please email me if they need to be updated!)

Check it Out!

Check out this Formative example worksheet, created at!

Formative allows teachers to use pre-existing worksheets and add question boxes, images, and YouTube videos for student reference. Once a class is created, teachers also have the option of watching students work "live" and making comments as they complete their responses.

(Thank you, Mr. Selbig, for letting me butcher your worksheet!)

Formative Assessment Resources