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Holley Mission

The Mission of the Holley Central School District is to provide students the opportunity and means to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become responsible and productive citizens in a diverse and changing society.

ISTE Technology Standards

The ISTE Standards describe the skills and knowledge that students need to learn effectively in a global and digital society.  Click below to view the updated 2016 ISTE Standards for Students.

Holley CSD Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to the Holley CSD Instructional Technology Page!
Use the tabs above to find educational resources that, when integrated into the curriculum in purposeful ways, can maximize student success, encourage critical thinkingincrease student engagement, and promote digital citizenship.

Created using Tagul!  Ask me how! 

Check it Out!

Check out this Formative example worksheet, created at!

(Thank you, Mr. Selbig, for letting me butcher your worksheet to create this example!)

Instructional Technology Specialist

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Sarah Misco, Instructional Technology Specialist
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