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Mrs. Sevor's Global II: Create a "Fake" Face Book Page.

Create a "Fake Book" page for your individual.

Who would be Galileo's friends back in the late 1500s? Who would "like" his theories on motion and falling objects? Was he a good teacher? Explore your "fake book" character and have fun!


In addition, the following sites have been preselected.  You are welcome to search the internet for additional materials...however, remember all websites must be carefully checked for authority, accuracy and reliability.

General Internet Sites for Biographical Information:
Search or browse 25,000 biographies of notable personalities from antiquity to the present.  Profiles range from one paragraph to several.

Biographical Dictionary
Includes more than 28,000 brief biographies of notable men and women covering ancient times to the present day.  The dictionary can be searched by names, dates, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other key words.  Includes an annotated list of other biographical resources on the internet.  Updated regularly. 

Internet Public Library: Biographies
A list of online biographical sources divided into categories: Artists and Architects, Authors, Entertainers, Musicians & Composers, Politicians & Rulers, and Scientists & Inventors.

Search for Book Resources in the library.

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