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Vietnam War Era and The Things They Carried: Home

Vietnam Research Project

You will be assigned to a group to research something from the Vietnam War Era.  Each Group will research a specific topic, complete a works cited page with a minimum of two sources, and create a poster to present their findings to the class. 


Check out the following databases. These were selected because they specialize in history and in varying viewpoints, especially related to controvesial topics such as the Vietnam War.

Academic Integrity

You will be required to cite at least two sources for this project. Your works cited page must be in MLA format, and all sources must be cited in MLA citation format.  There are many citation makers available to help you with this.  We subscribe to Noodle Tools.  You will need to register if you would like to use this program. Just beware- a citation maker creates a citation that is only as good as the information you input into it!  Remember...most databases provide you with citations! 

Books: These are a few titles we have related to the Vietnam War. Check these out, or search for a title using the library catalog.

Video to get you started! Crash Course: US History, Asia and the Cold War with the infamous John Green

Library Catalog: Search for more books

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