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World Religions: a comparative study: Home

Each student will be responsible for learning about the five religions and one philosophy. Each student will also participate in a group and create a presentation on one religion.

Essential Question

Essential Question:
What impacts have the major world religions had in shaping individuals, creating conflicts and pushing change?



Check out the following databases. 


In addition, the following sites have been preselected.  You are welcome to search the internet for additional materials...however, remember all websites must be carefully checked for authority, accuracy and reliability.

Major Relgions of the World : From Infoplease, an extensive look at the key religions.

Religions:  From the BBC.  Excellent resource.

Religious Tolerence:  From the Ontario Consultants on Religios Tolerance.

World Religions:  From United Religions Initiative.  Designed for younger students, but covers the basics.


Google Web Search


Insignia, BOCES II Media Portal:  Use the BOCES Media Portal to access thousands of videos that are not blocked!  Log in with the same login information used to log into Office 365. 

Video- How World Religions Spread

Source Citation:  
"How World Religions Spread."  Business Insider, produced by Alex Kuzoian, You Tube, 2018.


Book Resources in the library.

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Books: check out these and more!



1.  To know and understand the historical setting and influences of each religion.
2. To know the basic beliefs and practices of each religion.
3.  To be able to read and understand primary source documents for each religion.
4. To know an understand how religious texts, as literature, influence human thinking.




Academic Integrity

Cite your sources!

BHS uses the MLA style of citation.  Hopefully you all have your Style Manuals from last year!  No?! Fear not, we have extra copies and it is also available on the Library Website



Easy Bib

Easy Bib is a free, online tool to help you generate citations.  Remember, we use the newest edition of MLA- the 8th edition.