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Famous New Yorkers

Famous New Yorkers- Males                                    Famous New Yorkers- Females

Donald Trump- Current POTUS                                                                   Sojourner Truth- Historical Figure

John D. Rockafeller- Business man                                                             Lucille Ball- Comedian

Lou Gehrig- Baseball Player                                                                        Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- Former First Lady

George Eastman- Inventor                                                                           Susan B. Anthony- Historical Figure

Norman Rockwell- Illustrator                                                                         Elizabeth Cady Stanton- Historical Figure

George Gershwin- Composer                                                                       Eleanor Roosevelt- Former First Lady

John Jay- Chief Justice                                                                                 Barbara Bush- Former First Lady

Frederick Douglass- Historical Figure                                                           Grandma Moses- Artist

Michael Jordan- Basketball Player                                                                Nancy Reagan- Former First Lady

Mark Zuckerberg- Computer Programmer                                                    Sybil Ludington- Historical Figure

Franklin D. Roosevelt- Former President                                                      Abby Wambach-Soccer Player

Walt Whitman- Poet                                                                                       Elizabeth Blackwell- Doctor

Theodore Roosevelt- Former President                                                         Rachael Ray- Chef

Jonas Salk- Scientist                                                                                      Shirley Chisholm

Vince Lombardi- Sports

Colin Powel- Historical Figure