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Essential Question

Essential Question:
What impacts have major photographers had in influencing and inspiring the field of photography?



Books: check out these and more!

History of Photography

The history of photography told in a clever, animated video, from TedEducation, by Dan Havlik.

Find Additional Book Resources in the library.

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You are welcome to search the internet for additional materials...however, remember all websites must be carefully checked for authority, accuracy and reliability and be approved by Mr. McDonnell or Mrs. Jaccarino.





1.  To know and understand the impact and influences of individual photographers on the field of photography.
2.  To select a photographer that impacts you personally, as well as the field of photography.
3.  Using MLA guidelines, research and write a paper articulating how your chosen photographer has impacted, inspired and/or influenced you and the field of photography.






MLA: New 8th Edition!

The High School uses the MLA style of citation.  We have copies of the BHS Style Manual in the library, or you can access it online:
BHS Style Manual-  Guide to Research and Writing.

Easy Bib is a free bibliography generator.  You may want to try it to help you generate your citations!  But remember, it is not perfect. You need to input the correct information, and double check citations for accuracy and correct format.

See below!  You can check out a sample works cited page and a sample annotated bibliography.  In addition, we created a chart to help you create your parenthetical citations!

Academic Integrity

From the BHS Student Handbook:

Academic Honesty: Academic honesty is a fundamental principle for all educational institutions. Academic honesty in the advancement of knowledge requires that all students and instructors respect the integrity of one another’s work and recognize the importance of acknowledging and safeguarding intellectual property. Academic honesty means that you assume responsibility for your own work at all times and for your individual contribution to group work as assigned by your teacher. Academic dishonesty is a serious violation of trust.

The work you hand in represents you to your teachers and classmates, it is the result of your thought, time and effort. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you have earned the credit you receive. It is important for you to act in an ethically responsible manner. You should have pride in your own work. 

Remember to cite your sources!  
Use the MLA style of citation.