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AIS Research Paper: Home

Also includes a link to your outline template


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your research skills. You will compose a five paragraph research paper describing how you are similar to a famous individual.  Your thesis statement will argue three different personality traits. All arguments toward this thesis statement will come from credible sources.  Throughout your research journey, you will engage in different stations of learning.  These are meant to guide your research.   The  checklist and timeline in your packet will help to keep you on track.                                                     

Learning Targets

Learning Targets:

-I can choose a high-quality topic to research.
-I can identify the purpose of a thesis statement.
-I can understand vocabulary related to conducting research.
-I can explain the purpose of conducting research.
-I can develop a specific, arguable thesis related to my research topic.
-I can identify my purpose for reading.
-I can annotate a text for meaning and analysis.
-I can reflect on the effectiveness of my annotations.
-I can create an outline for my research topic.
-I can apply appropriate transitions to connect ideas in my writing.
-I can introduce research quotations into my own writing.
-I can use appropriate MLA citations in my writing.
-I can format a Microsoft Word document using my knowledge of MLA and the BHS Style Manual.
-I can reflect on my writing and work ethic during the Research Paper Unit.