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Beyrle: Early Civilizations- Nature and Technology: Home

Unit Overview

Technology doesn’t just apply to today’s computers and machines.  Technology is as old as the earliest human civilizations.  Michael and Mary Woods, authors of the Ancient Technology series, define technology as “the use of knowledge, inventions, and discoveries to make life better” (6).  Some of the first technologies may have been primitive, but not all.  For example, the ancient Egyptians built one of the first canals over three thousand years ago and the world’s first daily newspaper began publication in Rome in 59 BC. Ancient people used all types of technology- from machines and medicine to tools and transportation to make life easier and safer.

In this unit we will focus on the compelling question: 
How was the development of ancient civilization impacted by technology and nature?




Source:  Woods, Michael and Mary B. Woods.  Ancient Machines. Twenty-First Century Books, 2000.

Ancient Civilizations

Compelling Question:
How was the development of ancient civilization impacted by nature and technology?


Step 1:  You will be responsible for selecting two civilizations to study. Begin to gather evidence that supports the compelling question. Keep in mind the task of the essay:  Compare and Contrast the impact nature and technology had on the development of two ancient civilizations? 

You may need to print out documents.  Pay special attention to source information, you will be responsible for parenthetically citing your information and creating a works cited page.

Step 2:  You will develop a claim (thesis) that supports the task. Make sure the evidence you gathered will support this claim.

Step 4:  You will write a well-developed essay to support this claim.  Remember, in this essay you will compare and contrast how the two civilizations where impacted by nature and technology.  

Step 3:  Create a properly formatted works cited page to accompany your essay.  All the documents have been cited for you, so this should not be a stressful task!  Please ask for help if you need it.

Step 1: Well Developed Paragraphs

Step 2: A well developed essay, addressing the compelling questions

Step 3: Checklist and Rubric...what grade will you get?