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Things you will need:

  • Images, music and/or video clips (images work just fine)
  • Storyboard template
  • Movie editing program

NOTE Under the fair use of copyrighted materials for education you may use the following as long as you cite your sources: 10 percent of a work OR three minutes of video, 30 second of music and 1000 words of text. You can then use the project in an educational setting, but you may NOT post it on the web if you have incorporated copyrighted materials. Even FREE materials need to be cited and given credit.

  1. Make a storyboard of your movie. A storyboard is an instrument that filmmakers use to know what is going to take place in a movie. It includes the shot (picture or video) and the dialog or narration. (PDF storyboard template- see below)
  2. Create a folder where you will save your image, music, and video files and your movie project file while in the editing process. If you move your files around to a variety of computers and don’t keep them all together, you will find your images turn into large yellow triangles (which mean the movie cannot find the corresponding files). 
  3. Gather the image, video and music files you want to use to tell the story of your book.  Book trailers are meant to tease so NO SPOILERS! Use public domain photos or those you have taken yourself. (see below for resources and see below for compatible file extensions)
  4. Open your movie editing software. (see below for options)  Remember to ‘SAVE PROJECT AS’ as you go into your movie folder (this creates a .wimp file).
  5. Upload, import or simply drag images, video and/or music clips into your software program’s work space or timeline. 
  6. Move the files in the order you want them in the timeline view. 
  7. Add text using the title, caption and credits options.
  8. Select transitions between slides for added effect. 
  9. Add music and finalize timing.
  10. Render or ‘burn’ your movie when you have completed editing by going to ‘SAVE MOVIE AS’ (this creates a .wmv file). This process finalizes your movie into a smaller and more mobile version, however, you will no longer be able to edit this movie.

Book trailer samples


Movie Maker (PC download)
iMovie (MAC download)
Photo Story 3 for Windows- download @
Aniboom​ (animation)

Free photo & music editing software
Audacity for recording or editing sound
GIMP for photo editing- downloaded on Holley MS/HS Library computers


Soundzabound logoSoundzabound Music Library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects for grades K -12 that ensures your copyright safety.  Perfect for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more! Soundzabound is a fee-based subscription database purchase by Monroe 2 BOCES. You will need to use the school database login for access.



Just remember when using
Google Image Search
to select 'Labeled for reuse with modification'
under Usage Rights

Easy Stock Photos
(FREE public domain images organized by subjects)

Public Domain Clip Art 


FREE movie clips
Flikr Creative Commons Video
Internet Archive
Public Videos
Stock Footage for Free