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Researching Mathmeticians: Home

Researching Mathmeticians

Use the list of mathematicians below as a place to start.  You can select one of your own to research, however, it needs to be preapproved.

You need to use 5 sources, at least one must be from a print or database source.  See the list of recommended databases below. And use the library catalog to find books on your mathematician. 


To get you started, there are links to websites for each of the mathematicians.  You can also find your own websites, just remember, no Wikipedia!  However, you can use Wikipedia for a starting point, or for links to reliable websites. 

Library Catalog: look for biographies (B) or collective biographies (920)

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Remember!  Even though you are doing a presentation, you still need to create a bibliography, in MLA format.  Use the samples below for guidance, and your Style Manual!  If you need a copy, ask one of the library staff...we have extras!  Or use the online version:  Style Manual.