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Drug Research

Whenever you are researching using the internet is always essential to be sure your source is reliable, it is especially important to confirm reliability when researching drug information.  There is an overwhelming amount of incorrect, misleading and biased information on the internet related to drugs.  Using databases or ebooks for your research would ensure that you are getting reliable and accurate information. Consider these as your go-to sources!


As you know, databases give you access to reliable, print materials that have been edited, vetted and evaluated already.  Most databases give you access to reference books as well as magazine and journal articles. 


These websites have been preselected for you.  They are from reputable and reliable sources.  If you are using websites that you found on your own, please be sure that they are from reliable sources and provide accurate information.

National Institute of Drug Abuse:  Government agency site dedicated to educating teachers, parents, and students about drugs and drug abuse.  They include a section with information about commonly abused drugs.  See also, commonly abused drugs for a chart listing street names, medical uses, delivery systems and other information.  Can aso search by drug name.  A wealth of excellent information. 

Medline Plus:  From the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  One of the most trusted sources for drug/health information.  You can search or use the list of drugs listed on the linked page.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:  From the Department of Health and Human Services, another government sponsored site that details information about frequently abused drugs.  

WebMD:   Provided by a group of doctors and health experts. Up to date and accurate information.  Use the search feature to find information about a variety of drugs- both prescription and non-prescription.

Drug Enforcement Agency:  Access to Drug Fact Sheets that clearly and succinctly describe a variety of abused drugs. 

American Addiction Centers:  Go to the tab titled "addiction" for up-to-date information on various drugs. 

Power Point Presentations

Remember the guidelines for a good presentation.  Watch this short video to help!