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Brooks: Westward Expansion

Use the resources below to "expand" your knowledge westward migration in the United States.                                                      



The West
A supplement to the PBS special by Ken Burns on The West.   A great general site! Timeline, glossary, biographies, a photo gallery, maps, documents, and more.  Click on resources for more links.

Oregon Trail
A site created by teachers to supplement the PBS series on the Oregon Trail.

Westward Expansion and Reform
This site is from the Library of Congress and provides information about various stories about expansion and reform.

Beyond Lewis and Clark: The Army Explores the West
From the Kansas Historical Society. This online exhibit addresses military explorers from Lewis and Clark (1804) to George Custer (1874).  These explorers all passed through Kansas while gathering information for the U.S. government.

The Oregon Trail: Westward Migration to the Pacific Ocean
History 103, an online history tutorial, includes a video as well as informational text.


The library has many books on Westward Expansion and the frontier.  They have been placed on reserve for you.  Some of the titles include:

Crash Course Westward Expansion Video

John Green explains Westward Expansion.

Search Destiny for additional books in our library