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Essential Question:
How Fragile is your biome? 

With this essential question in mind, research and explore the biome you selected and create a Power Point project that you will present to the class. 

Project Outline

10-12 Slides that address the following:

  • Title Slide
  • Basic information about your biome
  • What is the temperature and average rainfall? (Include a climatograph)
  • Where in the world is your biome located? Does your biome exist in more than one region of the world?
  • What are the latitudes where your biome is located?
  • What type of organisms live there? (List at least one organism for each tropic level- Producer, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order consumers.
  • Create a food web of at least 6 organisms, and label them as producer, herbivore, carnivore, or decomposer.
  • Explain the threats to your Biome (human factors?).
  • What is being done to address these threats?
  • Give at least 3 interesting facts about your biome.
  • Type 5 short-answer questions you would like the class to answer while your are doing the presentation.
  • Create a bibliography (MLA 8) of your sources.

Academic Integrity

Cite your sources!

BHS uses the MLA style of citation.  Hopefully you all have your Style Manuals from last year!  No?! Fear not, we have extra copies and it is also available on the Library Website



Easy Bib

Easy Bib is a free, online tool to help you generate citations.  Remember, we use the newest edition of MLA- the 8th edition.

Introduction to Biomes


The following sites have been preselected.  You are welcome to search the internet for additional materials...however, remember all websites must be carefully checked for authority, accuracy and reliability.

Biomes of the World
 This site has a wealth of valuable information. From the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

Tour of Biomes

Developed by the Center for Educational Technologies in conjunction with Wheeling Jesuit University and NASA's Classroom of the Future.  Excellent site- easy to use format with great information.  Nicely organized.

World is a site covering 5 of the major world biomes.  This reviewed site provides you with various sub-divisions and examples of the 5 types of biomes and their distinguishing features. 

World's Biomes
Developed by the University of California at Berkley, this is an introduction to the major biomes on Earth.

Biomes of the World:  from Radford University, Department of Geospatial Science

World Biomes (Kids Do Ecology):  Not just for kids!

PBS Learning - Biomes:  Click on "launch" to explore various biomes.

Book Sources

You need to use at least one traditional, print source. The library has many sources on biomes, these have been placed on reserve for you.