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Kendall Jr/Sr High School: Presentation Resources

Stretch Yourself- Create Media to Share Your Learning

What's Your the word stretch in red​?

  1. Learn a new skill by choosing and engaging with one of the technology platforms below OR one you've heard about.
  2. See Mrs. Nielsen, Mrs. Charland, one of your teachers or a fellow student who has some experience with the platform you choose. Learn together or work through it yourself. You can do it!
  3. Share your learning and growth through research with peers and other school or community members. 
  4. Have pride in a finished product YOU'VE created while learning new information and new skills. 

Video Platforms

Brain Pop logoCreate Brainpop style movies by dragging and dropping backgrounds, characters, and items into your scenes. Narrator your movie with either your voice or the computer.

Green Screen Do Ink LogoWrite, direct, film, and edit videos (with or without the green screen effect) by recording yourself with one of the library iPads and editing your film using the GreenScreen App by DoInk. Use the library Ipads- Ask Mrs. Nielsen or Mrs. Charland for help.

animoto logoAnimoto is a user friendly drag and drop video maker. 

imovie logoAre you an Apple user? Use imovie on your phone or ipad to easily create and edit videos. Add pictures from your phone and music you have the rights to, or from our database: Soundzabound!

Soundzabound logoSoundzabound is a database you have access to through school to Download music and sound effects for all of your video creations, or even use this to help create your own podcast!

Graphic Design Resource Platforms

Canva LogoUse Canva to create graphics such as posters or flyers using this web based graphic design tool and basic drag and drop features.  

Use Storyboard That to create comic book strips/storyboards by dragging and dropping backgrounds, characters, and items into your scenes. Add text to your comic by typing in word bubbles or narration boxes. See Mrs. Nielsen for login information.

Pixlr LogoUse Pixlr to edit your images before using them in Canva, your website, blog, etc. by using this web based, free tool.

piktochart logoUse Piktochart to create infographics using your research that you can use in your videos, presentations and posters. 

Britannica Image Quest logoUse this Britannica ImageQuest as a database source for images. All images are safe to use in your projects. Citations are provided with images; be sure to double check them.

text giraffe logoText Giraffe is a place to create a quick, custom logo for use in presentations and projects. 

MultiMedia Platforms

Blogger IconCreate a blog about your topic by writing blog posts and adding pictures on Blogger.
See Mrs. Nielsen for help if you need it.

google sites logoGoogle Sites is a place to create your own unique website with tabs, links, and embedded multimedia (pictures, videos, sound, etc.)

metaverse logo Use drag and drop elements and basic coding principles to create augmented reality experiences using Metaverse.

Glogster logoGlogster allows you to create multimedia interactive posters by embedding pictures, videos, text, and audio.

prezi logoBring presentations to life using motion, spatial relationships, and zooming in/out.  Prezi can take the same content that you would put into a slideshow, and allows you to use graphics and spacing to make it more engaging and fluid with movement across the screen.

thinglink logoCreate an interactive graphic by embedding interactive multimedia over a parent image.

Book Creator is a tool for creating a digital book.

Customize with images, text and even sound. 

Cite Your Sources- Images Included

Noodle Tools logoUse Noodletools, or another citation tool to cite where you got images or ideas you borrowed- even if you paraphrased. Keep all of your sources in one place for each project with this tool. Login with your Google credentials. 

Use this website to check how to cite your sources. Always double check. It's a good habit to get in to.