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Kendall Jr/Sr High School: 40 Book Challenge


Did you finish a book? Click on the appropriate link below to count your book towards our 400 book challenge! Which group will read 40 books by the end of February break?

Student Submission Form

Teacher Submission Form

Follow how many and what books your team has read by clicking these links:
Teacher Reads

Student Reads

About This Competition


40 Book Challenge continues... 


Instagram @kendallgrowsreaders 

OR on Twitter @KJSHLibrary

Before Thanksgiving break, our teachers and staff were drafted by each high school graduating class to represent them in a reading competition. Whichever team read forty books first, won a party with their class and teacher team representing them. Dedicated staff members "read for their lives," and the first team reached 40 books in less than one week! 

Congrats to the freshmen team! The green team worked together to pull out this win.  Stay tuned for more information on your class party! 


For Middle Schoolers - Want to build a "fantasy" reader team? Now's your chance!

Use the data from the draft information packet above and

your knowledge of these teachers as readers to build a fantasy team. 

1. Use this Google Doc to write a draft of your fantasy team. Make a copy of the document, add it to your drive, and get to work!

2. Submit this Google Form to officially enter! You can only enter once and must do so by December 2nd. 



Competitor Rules:

  • To count for the competition, book has to be read in its entirety during the competition. Competition will not officially start until November 27th and will continue until one team reaches 40 books and wins.
  • Book must be accessible from the school library by ebook, physical book, audio book or an approved book that could be purchased for the library. (See Alicia before November 10th if you’d like to recommend a book to purchase for our school. I’ll try to get it before the competition starts! Have a book that you’ve been wanting to read? Is it appropriate for the school library collection? Now is the time to request it. Want e-book access on your smart phone or computer? See Alicia at your convenience for a quick set up in Overdrive and listen to your book on your commute.) 


  • There is a 10 book limit per team member. (Hmmm? I wonder who these MVPs will be?)
  • Books must be at least 100 pages long to count as “one book.” 
  • Completion of a book means submission of the short Google Form below  that will be time stamped so we will know who wins by the submission of the form.

Black Team (Seniors)


(Black Team)

  1. Proukou
  2. Heise
  3. Lynaugh
  4. Gates
  5. Mason
  6. Rath
  7. Nash
  8. Marcello
  9. Tomasino
  10. Madison
  11. Bohn

Social/Emotional Fiction Recommendations:

Historical Fiction

Popular Memoirs

White Team (Juniors)


(White Team)

  1. Delmont
  2. ZImmer
  3. Driesel, K
  4. D'Agostino
  5. Pizzi
  6. Driesel, M
  7. Christensen
  8. Bauer
  9. Wolck
  10. Morrow
  11. Conine

Student Favorites:

Local Historical Fiction

Science Fiction

Red Team (Sophomores)


(Red Team)

  1. Benedict-Sweeting
  2. Haibach-Jordan
  3. Warren
  4. Curtis
  5. Price
  6. Abrams
  7. Charland
  8. Decker
  9. Pohler
  10. Sadler
  11. Hammer

Audio Book Ideas

True Crime


Green Team (Freshmen)


This team of teachers, drafted by the freshmen class, read 40 books in a little over a week!

  1. Barchet
  2. Allocco
  3. Barrett
  4. Joseph
  5. Aranov
  6. Noni
  7. NIelsen
  8. Nenni
  9. Langton
  10. Parizek
  11. Watson

New Books!

Psychological Thriller

Non Fiction