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Holley Elementary School: SORA

Getting Started with SORA APP

are now available at 

Holley Elementary Library

Download the APP
and start reading/listening


Here are the steps you need to take...

  Download the Sora app or go to

  Find your school district- Holley Central School District

  Login with your Office 365 credentials

  • Your Office 365 email is and your password is whatever you set-up to get on computers

  Browse and checkout

  • in Preferences you can filter for audiobooks or ebooks

  Logout and close the browser (if you’re on a public computer)c

OverDrive Ebooks and Audiobooks

Sora app logo

Log in to OverDrive Using Sora

  1. Click the Sora icon to the left (for or open the Sora app on a mobile device. 
  2. Select your school district from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the green button to log in with your Google or Microsoft Office credentials.

Sora app


Guide to OverDrive Icons

Home icon Explore icon Bookshelf icon Personal account icon Sora menu icon
An overview of books checked out, words you've looked up, and your notes and highlights Explore the catalog by searching for a title or browsing by category All the books currently checked out or assigned to you Your personal reading statistics and the reading badges you've earned

Link Sora to your public library's OverDrive collection, log out. 

Click this icon when you're inside a book to set your reader preferences.


Want more information? Download this overview of Sora

Having trouble with OverDrive?
Click the speedometer to check the site's status 

Speedometer icon