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Holley Elementary School: Coding

What is Coding?


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Tynker coding activities logo

Teaching kids to code in grades 3-5.

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This is where you'll find the Hour of Code.

Angry Bird coding game logo Angry Bird Maze.

Frozen coding game logo Frozen with Elsa & Anna.

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Build a galaxy with code.

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Minecraft Hour of Code.


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Coding for ages 5-7.

Programming languages

What are programming languages?
Programming languages makes talking ‘computer’ easier, but basically computers only understand on and off, 1s and 0s so the intricate combinations of coding are what make the Internet, your computer, your phone and your apps- work.
Programming language is a set of syntax rules that define how code should be written and formatted-
kind of like knowing how to spell and format a sentence with words to communicate.

Some examples of programming languages are:
JavaScript- most used coding language- allows for interactivity and functionality of webpages- executed by the browser
Python- most popular language which emphasizes readability (good place to start learning)- Google uses it
SQL (Structured Query Language)- create, read, update and delete content