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Benzan: Civil War: Home

Learning Target

Students will be able to create their own CRQ by selecting and synthesizing documents appropriate to the topic. 

Civil War CRQ

Familiarize yourself with the documents provided. Using the template below, and working in groups of two, complete the following tasks:

1.  Select one document, determine if it is primary or secondary in nature, explain why.

2.  Explain the historical circumstances surrounding the development of the event/idea discussed in the document selected. What were the historical circumstances?

3. Examine the reliability of the document selected and circle your answer, how reliable is the selection? Explain your answer using evidence from your knowledge of US History and Government and class discussion.

 Select a second document and repeat steps 1 through 3. 

 4.  Examine the relationship between the two documents selected, decide on the appropriate relationship. Is it Cause/Effect; turning point; or similarity/differences. Identify the relationship associated with the events, ideas, or historical development in document 1 and 2. Be sure to use evidence from both documents in your response to denote the relationship.

Davis's Response to Emancipation and Jim Crow Laws

Power Point: CRQ Breakdown