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Cubetto: About Cubetto

Meet Cubetto!

Cubetto is a wooden robot that introduces coding concepts to young students. Cubetto is 100% hands-on and screen-free. Students use color-coded blocks on a wooden board to move the Cubetto robot (board communicates with robot wirelessly). Students do not necessarily need to be able to read in order to use Cubetto. The simple commands (turn left, turn right, move forward, perform function) are easy to understand, but can be used together to create code.

New! Logic tiles for Cubetto include negation and random tiles. Do even more with Cubetto with advanced code concepts!


No external devices are necessary to use Cubetto. It is easy to set up and lots of fun!

Helpful Resources

Cubetto comes with a printed Teacher's Guide as well as lesson ideas. Cubetto is made by an English company, so you will notice references to UK learning standards in their teacher resources.

Meet Cubetto

Borrowing Cubetto

The Cubetto robots purchased through the School Library System are only for use in library related projects involving the school librarian.  This is due to grant funding that was used to purchase them.

To book a Cubetto robot for your library, please use the Media Portal.