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E-Blox: About E-Blox


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E-Blox are building blocks (think LEGO-style) that have built-in circuits. Building blocks are a natural fit for makerspaces! Give students design challenges (big or small), combine E-Blox with LEGOs, or just let them experiment. Our E-blox kits come with the following E-blox: Circuit Builder, Parts Pro, and Parts Deluxe (combined in one tackle box).

Our collection currently includes 1 class set of E-Blox. The set is contained in one large tackle box.

Good to know: ages 8 & up (safety caution: contains battery packs, circuits, and moving parts)


E-Blox website:

e-blox tackle box         e-blox tackle box top level         e-blox tackle box bottom level

Circuit Builder

Eblox circuit builder set

Eblox circuit builder box

Borrowing E-Blox


The E-Blox Kits purchased through the School Library System are only for use in library related projects involving the school librarian.  This is due to grant funding that was used to purchase them.


To book E-Blox for your library, please use the Media Portal.


Parts Deluxe

Eblox parts deluxe set

Eblox parts deluxe box

Parts Pro

Eblox parts pro set