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  1. littleBits is a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. 
  2. The Color Code Modules are grouped into four different, color-coded categories.
    1. POWER (blue bit) is needed in every circuit and is the start of all your students’ creations.

    2. INPUT (pink bit) modules add control to the circuit, through information provided from your students and/or the environment, and send signals to the modules that follow.

    3. OUTPUT (green bit) modules complete an action or a task (for example, light, buzz, or move). These are the modules that “do something.”

    4. WIRE (orange bit) modules expand the circuit’s reach and change direction. Students use the wire modules to help place modules exactly where they want, especially if they are embedding inside a structure. Some orange modules also add a level of complexity and programmability to the circuit.
    5. littlebits example circuit

littleBits at Spencerport's Cosgrove Middle School

Introduction to littleBits