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Makey Makey: Makey Makey

About Makey Makey Kits

The Makey Makey Kits purchased through the School Library System are only for use in library related projects involving the school librarian.  This is due to grant funding that was used to purchase them.

We have 2 class sets of Makey Makey boards. Each class set includes 10 Makey Makey boards, plus alligator cables, wires, USB cords, and a guide to getting started.

To book a Makey Makey kit, please use the Media Portal.

Intro to Makey Makey


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Makey Makey Board

The front of the Makey Makey board:

makey makey front side view


The back of the Makey Makey board:

makey makey back side view


Using wires for the back keys:

image of the back of the makey makey board with wires attached