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Robot Turtles: About Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles: The Game for Little Programmers


Robot Turtles board game

Looking for a really fun way to introduce coding to kids? Check out Robot Turtles! This is a board game with an agenda: teaching students the basic concepts of programming. Students are the programmers, writing the code for their turtles. The adult (or knowledgeable student) is the computer, moving the turtles based only on the code written by the students. The game starts out simple, and additional challenges can be added as students become comfortable with the basics.


Plus, it’s colorful and fun (it IS for kids, after all)!


Our collection currently includes 4 Robot Turtles board games.


Good to know: ages 4 & up; 2-5 players per game board (includes 1-4 coders and 1 mover)


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What is Robot Turtles?

Borrowing Robot Turtles

The Robot Turtles games purchased through the School Library System are only for use in library related projects involving the school librarian.  This is due to grant funding that was used to purchase them.


To book a Robot Turtles game for your library, please use the Media Portal.