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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS

Regional Library Directory

School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Brockport High School (9-12) Kathy Jaccarino

Jane Agte

Jeremy Shuman

InterLibrary Loan (BPHS) 637-7449 x7845 637-1879
Barclay Elementary (2-3) Suzanne Shearman Jennifer Setter InterLibrary Loan (BPBA) 637-7449 x4845  
Fred Hill Elementary (4-5) Cathy Mangan Nicole Cring InterLibrary Loan (BPFW) 637-7449 x5845 637-1833
Oliver Middle School (6-8) Lisa Rice Jeremy Shuman InterLibrary Loan (BPMS) 637-7449 x6846  
Ginther Elementary (K-1) Jennifer Nather Danielle Grady InterLibrary Loan (BPGT) 637-7449 x3845 637-1835


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Armstrong Elementary (K-5) Jon Barleben Karen Drummond InterLibrary Loan (GCAS) 340-5500 x41600 340-5550
Brasser Elementary (K-5) Rebecca Postell Mary Anne Walker InterLibrary Loan (GCBS) 340-5500 x51600 340-5577
Disney Elementary (K-5) Elizabeth Larter Karen Drummond InterLibrary Loan (GCDS) 247-3151 x61600 340-5567
Gates Chili High School (9-12) Susan Swift Lori Robinson InterLibrary Loan (GCHS) 247-5050 x21600
Gates Chili Middle School (6-8) Cynthia Ratajczak Cindy Townsend InterLibrary Loan (GCMS) 247-5050 x31600 340-5535
Paul Road Elementary (K-5) Stacey Porter Mary Anne Walker InterLibrary Loan (GCPR) 247-2144 x81600 340-5571


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Arcadia High (9-12) Claudine Dixon

Karen Johnson

Ellie Curtis

InterLibrary Loan (GRAR) 966-3479 581-8127
Arcadia Middle (6-8) Emily Nortz

Ellie Curtis

Sara Litz

InterLibrary Loan (GRAR) 966-3358 581-8127
Athena High (9-12) Sara Franus Sara Battaglia InterLibrary Loan (GRAT) 966-4169 581-8191
Athena Middle (6-8) Will Haines Sue Hasenauer InterLibrary Loan (GRAT) 966-4031 225-9325
Autumn Lane Elementary (K-2) Katie Boggs InterLibrary Loan (GRAL) 966-4770 966-4739
Brookside Elementary (K-5) Sharyl Mahoney InterLibrary Loan (GRBS) 966-4874 966-4839
Buckman Heights (3-5) Andrea Popolizio InterLibrary Loan (GRBH) 966-5982 966-5939
Craig Hill Elementary (3-5) Susan Sullivan InterLibrary Loan (GRCH) 966-4531 966-4539
English Village Elementary (K-2) Jill Morse InterLibrary Loan (GREV) 966-3831 966-3839
Holmes Road Elementary (K-2) Annie Carmack

InterLibrary Loan (GRHR)

966-4931 966-4939
Lakeshore Elementary (3-5) Karen Reiss InterLibrary Loan (GRLS) 966-3931 966-3939
Longridge Elementary (K-5) Leslie Trice InterLibrary Loan (GRLR) 966-5850 966-5839
Odyssey Middle High (6-12) Emily Rounding

Debbie Nevada

Jennelle Aponte

InterLibrary Loan (GROH) 966-5363 581-8179
Olympia High (6-12) Rachel Goforth Deb Buckley

InterLibrary Loan (GROL) 966-5180 581-8157
Paddy Hill Elementary (K-5) Lauren McCormick InterLibrary Loan (GRPH) 966-3731 966-3739
Pine Brook Elementary (K-5) Andrea Grosodonia InterLibrary Loan (GRPB) 966-4667 966-4639
West Ridge Elementary (K-5) Stephanie Voorheis InterLibrary Loan (GRWR) 966-4431 966-4439


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Hilton High School (9-12) Meaghan Ashworth

Cindy Knope

Janet Jablonski

InterLibrary Loan (HIHS) 392-1000 x2365 392-1023
Merton Williams Middle (7-8) Angela Boccuzzi-Reichert Sandi Hicks InterLibrary Loan (HIMW) 392-1000 x3106 392-1054
Northwood Elementary (K-6) Julie Rapp

Maryann Kensek

Stacey McGrain

InterLibrary Loan (HINW) 392-1000 x4404 392-1058
Quest Elementary (K-6) Stephanie Harney Sharon Pierce InterLibrary Loan (HIWA) 392-1000 x6147 392-1065
Village Elementary (K-6) Sara Baglioni

Heidi Green

Cheryl Pellechia

InterLibrary Loan (HIVE) 392-1000 x5112 392-1012


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Holley Elementary (K-6) Julie Bader InterLibrary Loan (HOES) 638-6318 x2550 638-5117
Holley Junior/High School (7-12) Lisa Osur Jodi Foster InterLibrary Loan (HOHS) 638-6316 x5516 638-6417


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Kendall Elementary (K-6) Louise Reger Anne Allaart

InterLibrary Loan (KEES)

659-1209 659-8944
Kendall High School (7-12) Alicia Charland Stacy Lynaugh InterLibrary Loan (KEHS) 659-8959 659-8990


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Bernabi Elementary (K-5) Elizabeth Yu Wendy Britton InterLibrary Loan (SPBS) 349-5406 349-5456
Canal View Elementary (K-6) Pam Valenti Stephanie Althouse InterLibrary Loan (SPCV) 349-5706 349-5766
Cosgrove Middle (6-8) Amanda Sawall

Pam Copeland

Jennifer Dustin

InterLibrary Loan (SPJC) 349-5305 349-5346
Spencerport High School (9-12) Adam Ashworth

Rebecca James

Shirley Zhang

Janet Gaylord

InterLibrary Loan (SPWH) 349-5206 349-5256
Munn Elementary (K-5) Kim Eppeira Spring Lupiani InterLibrary Loan (SPMS) 349-5506 349-5556
Terry Taylor Elementary (K-5) Linda Paul Cindy Munanni InterLibrary Loan (SPTL) 349-5606 349-5666


School Librarian Library Staff ILL Contact Phone Fax
Wheatland Chili High School (6-12) Jennifer Vogt Patricia Bodyk InterLibrary Loan (WCHS) 889-6845
TJ Connor Elementary (K-5) Catie Abonado InterLibrary Loan (WCCE) 889-6295 889-8227


Crestwood Children’s Center                      429-2700        
Kriste Shepard, Asst. Director of Education for Elementary School (


Greece Christian School                              723-1165                                 FAX:  723-8241          
Katherine Perez (


Hope Hall                                                       426-0210                                 FAX:  426-0212
Charlotte Wright, Volunteer     352-0156

Janice Barney, Dean of Students   (


Northstar Christian                                 429-5530
Laura Shea, Librarian (


St. Lawrence School                                    225-3870                                FAX:  225-1336
Jeannine Fraser (
(Tues., Wed. & Thurs.)


St. Paul Lutheran                                          392-4000                                 FAX:  392-4001
Susan Sommers (     


St. Pius Tenth                                               247-5650                                 FAX:  247-7409
Pat Briars, Library Clerk (


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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS Staff

SLS Staff Member Phone Contact for:
Jim Belair (585) 349-9099
  • School Library System questions
  • CoSER Service questions
  • Resource offerings
  • Professional Development
  • Assistance with developing your library program

Patti DiPassio

(585) 349-9049
  • Library Automation
  • Follett Destiny Library Manager support
  • Follett Destiny Library Resource Manager support
  • Follett Destiny patron accounts
  • Follett Destiny server issues
  • Mitinet support
  • MARC record questions & assistance
Randy Meyer (585) 349-9098
  • Library Automation
  • Follett Destiny Library Manager support
  • Follett Destiny Library Resource Manager support
  • Follett Destiny patron accounts
  • Five Systems support
  • Destiny training
  • OverDrive training and support
Lindsay Neumire (585) 349-9096
  • Makerspace collection loans and support
  • Database use in your instruction
  • eBook use in your instruction
  • LibGuides support
  • Ensemble support
  • Professional Development for you and your staff
  • Video Streaming support
  • Medial Library support
  • OverDrive training and support
Diane Sciabbarrasi (585) 349-9095
  • iPod shuffle reservations
  • Camera/DVD loans
  • Off Air recording requests
  • ILL requests from Academic & Public libraries
  • Professional Development registration
Patti Rose (585) 349-9097
  • Database pricing and renewals
  • Database access issues
  • Database usage statistics
  • Database access information/access changes
  • Database troubleshooting
  • Database Access Cards/Excel Access Sheets

Our offices are located in the CaTS building:

Mailing Address:

3625 Buffalo Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624


(585) 349-9090