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Follett Help Resources

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New in Destiny 17.0

Library Manager (now being rebranded as "Destiny Back Office")

  • Enhanced self-checkout shows only the patron's first name and photo--no other private information (current checkouts, fines, embarrassing middle names, etc.).
  • Increased default timeout limit for access levels.
  • Automatically set new title status to "In-process," which is invisible to students. When it's ready for the shelf, scan the title--the status changes to "Available" and it's now visible in the catalog.
  • You can check in a copy at any site within your district. Checking it in sets that book's status to "In-transit." When the home library receives it and scans it, its status changes to Available.


  • There's a new simplified interface designed with elementary students in mind. 
    • There are four new visual themes: Space, Kids Outside, Aquarium and Bookfair.
    • Results are sorted by relevance and filterable by several different criteria
    • Visit the K-12 SLS eBook Library to preview the new interface. 
  • You can now customize or create new Browse by Topic buttons


  • You can "pin" collections to the ribbon on your homepage and schedule when they will appear and disappear
  • You can permanently re-order items within a collection
  • Permit guests to see public collections at your school, but block them from seeing collections created by students.


Book Reviews

Students and staff can rate a title, add a written review or upload digital content to the review section of a book title. 

Book Reviews provide a way to share details and opinions about a book.  Once created, any patron will see the rating and book review from the title details page.  

The digital content can be a streaming video, an audio file or a slideshow. Once uploaded, the digital content is stored on the Destiny server and a link appears in the Reviews tab of Title Details. Please refer to About Digital Resources for more information.     




Supporting Documents


One "off-menu" service that we offer to our Library Automation Co-Ser members is to set up a bookroom for a school's reading department within Destiny. Once it's established, we'll also train the reading teacher or aide to maintain the records, add new titles, etc. The records of the library and bookroom are kept completely separate, and students searching Destiny in the library will never see bookroom materials. 

Because this is not a primary function of the Library Automation Team, we can't guarantee the speediness of the conversion but will work on the project as time allows. 

To get a better idea of what goes into creating and maintaining a bookroom, please see the documents below. 


When adding and updating title records, it is important to remember that title records are shared across the school district. Updates made to title records will affect each school in your district. Copy information is specific to each library within the district. 


Adding to the Catalog


Maintaining the Catalog


MARC Record Sources

If you've looked for a record in Alliance Plus but can't find one, here are some other places you can check:


Check out by Barcode Number or Student Name (default)

  • Scan the patron barcode or type in the barcode number and click Find Patron.  Click on the patron's name.
  • Or, type in the patron's first or last name. Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard if you do not know the full spelling of a patron's name.
  • Only my patrons checkbox.​

Check out by Homeroom 

  • Select the homeroom from the dropdown list and then click Select Patron.  Select the patron by clicking their name or picture.

Change the Default Due Date

  • To change the due date for items checked out, click the Change Date button after checking out a book.  Enter the new due date or select from the calendar. This is the only time you can change a due date.


  • To clear patron and copy information, click the Reset button in the left navigation bar. This is a good habit to maintain patron privacy.

Check In

  • Click Check In from the left menu.
  • Scan the barcode number of any library resource.
Video icon Checking in Library Resources


Self Check-out


Patron Information


Circulation Desk Barcodes

Video icon Printing Barcodes by Homeroom


Follett Remote (Offline Circulation)


An updated and improved version of Resource Lists, Collections lets you curate print and online resources and share them with others.

  • Resources can be books, websites, online documents, videos, images
  • Resources within a collection can be sequenced by creating a "play list" that leads users through the collection step-by-step.
  • Collections can be private, school-wide, district-wide, or public. Private collections can be shared between individuals for collaboration.
  • Librarians can control who has access to read or create public collections.
  • You can make a copy of a public collection and tailor it to your own needs.




swiss army knife

A Collection can be many different things (the following links open up in pop-up windows):

Image source



End-of-the-Year Checklist

Before librarians and staff leave for the summer, there are a few library automation tasks to complete:

  • Turn off any automated email notices going to staff, students or ILL patrons
  • Holds & Reserves--Decide if you need to delete them or leave them active for the start of the next school year.
  • Follow the procedures determined by your district on how to handle outstanding titles and fines for graduating students
  • Please inform the Library Automation Team if your library will be open and/or circulating during the summer. This allows us to schedule and perform maintenance without interrupting library operations.
  • Some libraries need to submit reports with statistical information at the end of year. Here are a few common ones:
    • To find the items deleted/weeded: Reports > Library Reports > Weeding Log. Select the date ranges needed; by month, school year, calendar year.
    • Circulation statistics. Circulation > Library Information. Choose a date range.
    • BEDS-type information: Reports > Library Reports > Statistics > Collection Statistics Summary

You can set up the library calendar for the next school year. Instructions and a tutorial are located on the Back to School Checklist

Before you genrefy ...

  • Weed! You don't want to spend time genrefying books that have been gathering dust on the shelves.
  • Run an inventory of your fiction if you haven't done one in 2 years. 
  • Contact Titlewave (888-511-5114, x45051) and request a Genre Helper Report for your collection. 
urban fiction genre poster dystopian genre poster romance genre poster historical genre poster science fiction genre poster


The process

1. Create a genre list with your students in mind (see sample genre list below for ideas). For example, consider Relationships rather than Romance because the latter may keep some readers away. You may want to run your ideas by colleagues within your district to make sure you're using the same terminology whenever possible.

Some questions that librarians may ask themselves during the process:

  • Should I create separate Fantasy and Science Fiction sections or combine them?
  • Do I want a separate Classics section or would the books get more usage by being in their genre categories?
  • Should I mark Dystopian books as a separate genre or include them in Science Fiction?

2. Consider your curriculum. Are there some genre or theme projects that teachers come in for? If so, make them a unique section. 

3. Decide how you want your books and catalog records to look. You can choose to do any or all of the following options, but you should choose at least 1 way to mark the physical book and allow browsers and shelvers to know the genre and at least 1 way to mark the catalog records:

  • Change the call number in Destiny
  • Change the call number on the spine
  • Add a sublocation to the records in Destiny
  • Add genre labels or color-coded label protectors to the spine

As you create your plan, remember that information will only be changed in the Destiny copy records--not the title records. You don't have to worry about making genre decisions that are different from your colleagues in the district who share the same MARC records. 

Shelf in a genrefied library

4. Marshall all of your resources (carts, tables, colleagues, volunteers) and begin to physically divide your collection. It's a good idea to measure the running shelf length of each genre so you can estimate how many shelves you'll need to set aside--and don't forget leaving a little extra for display space and room to grow the collection. 

5. Scan each genre's barcodes into separate Copy Categories.

6. You may want to go back and forth between steps 4 and 5 to refine your lists. It sometimes takes a second look to make a final genre determination. 

7. Contact the SLS and have them use the copy categories to change call numbers and/or sublocations.

8. Create signage to direct readers to their favorite genres.


Handling Those Hard-to-Place Titles

Some titles seem to defy simple categorization. You will have to bite the bullet and choose one location, but there are additional steps you can take if you really want to capture all of a book's content:

  • Add genre stickers that note a title's secondary genre
  • Add another subject heading or a richer content summary to the catalog record (from sources like OverDrive, Amazon, the book jacket, etc.) that describe a book's full appeal
  • Create a display of literary hybrids or mashups to highlight these titles. 


Next Steps: Nonfiction?

  • Biographies: Separate by field (STEM, Arts, Politics, Sports, etc.) and keep them in a biography section, or mix them in with their nonfiction counterparts (Art history, techniques and biography)?
  • Nonfiction: Are there sections you'd like to pull out of their Dewey call number order and shelve separately (poetry, folktales, arts/crafts/DIY)?
  • Are there nonfiction topics that could be paired with and shelved near a fiction genre (sports fiction with nonfiction; mythology with fantasy)? 


Other recommendations:

  • Don't create a complex system that will be difficult or time-consuming to maintain
  • If you're having trouble choosing the genre for a specific title, ask your students for their opinions.
  • Keep in mind that your guiding principle for choosing a book's genre should be--Who is the likely reader for this book and what other books should this one be near?
  • And finally, consider the future--will your successor be able to add to, modify or eliminate your genre categories without too much work?



Flipping for Genrefication (SLJ, Sept. 2019)

How Genrefication Makes Libraries More Like Book Stores (KQED)

​Starting the Genrefication Process: Ditching Dewey

Genrefying the Fiction Collection


You can purchase barcode scanners (wired or bluetooth) and keypads through Monroe 2 BOCES SLS. Contact us for current pricing and ordering instructions.


keypad scanner scanner


Purchasing information


Scanner programming help

Interlibrary Loan



There are two methods you can use to inventory a section of your collection:

  • Online--scan barcodes directly into an inventory session with Destiny
  • Offline--scan into Follett Remote, save the file, then log into Destiny and upload these batches of barcodes to an inventory session.

Inventory should be a regular activity of managing a library collection, but it doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. You can divide the collection up into manageable portions and do only one area at a time (Fiction A-F or the 300s). Also, multiple inventories can be done concurrently. You can certainly do a 'complete' inventory of the entire collection if preferred.

Barcode scanners (wired and wireless) are available to borrow for inventory.  Contact the Library Automation Team for more information.

Reports & Statistics

If you need: Go to:
Highest Circulation
by patron, grade or homeroom

Circulation tab
Library Information > (choose tab)

Today's checkouts  Circulation tab
Library Information > Statistics > View Today's Checkouts > Go
Today's checkins Circulation tab
Library Information > Statistics > View Today's Checkins > Go
View statistics
for a specific time frame

Circulation tab
Library Information > Statistics > View Statistics from....

Analysis of collection by call number Reports tab
Library Reports > Statistics > Collection Statistics - Summary > (choose tab)
WebPath Express Reports tab
Library Reports > Statistics > WebPath Express Statistics
Circulation statistics
by grade, homeroom, patron type
Reports tab
Patron Reports > Statistics > Patron Statistics - Summary
Collection statistics (number of titles and copies)

Reports tab
Library Reports > Library Statistics
Note: The high number of "Titles without copies" is because of the BOCES ebook collection


Overdue reports and notices


General reports


Custom reports

Destiny Discover Search Widget

After logging into Discover as an administrator, click the hamburger menu and select Widgets. There you'll see that four different size widgets are offered in a few different colors. Click the blue Customize and Get Code button next to your preferred widget and paste the resulting code into your website editor. 

Trainings & Workshops

Professional development sessions on any of the following topics can be offered one-on-one, in small groups, or at faculty meetings.

  • Advanced cataloging
  • Back-to-school refresher
  • Bookrooms in Destiny
  • Book reviews
  • Catalog clean up
  • Collections
  • Equipment records in Destiny
  • Introduction for new users
  • Inventory
  • Patron empowerment  (ratings, reviews, favorites, holds)
  • Reports and Report Builder
  • Switching to Discover
  • Visual Search customization
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