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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS

What is a LibGuide?

A LibGuide is a fantastic tool for organizing and sharing information! You can use a LibGuide to share pictures, videos, links, text, widgets, and more. Guides are easy to build and edit- you provide the awesome content and LibGuides will provide the structure.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is ask yourself... What do you want to do with your guide? The hardest part of creating your guide is deciding the content. Once you have that, adding and organizing is a snap.

Look at other guides, look at your own website, and think about what kinds of information you want to share with your users. Start out simple and add layers of complexity as you go!

How LibGuides are being used in Monroe 2

Compile and share district resources (Greece CSD)

Provide background information on an important topic (Brockport High School)

Provide professional development and support (Monroe 2 RBE-RN)

Archive department communicationsminutesPD resources, etc.  (Monroe 2 SLS)

Share student work and activities via a slideshow (Monroe 2 SLS)

Survey users for their feedback in LibWizard (Monroe 2 SLS)

Create booklists linked to the Destiny library catalog (Wheatland's T.J. Connor Elementary School)

Create research guides for class projects

Import a newsfeed from your social media--Twitter, Facebook,Instagram (Brockport's Hill Elementary)


Before you get started, take a look at the different types of boxes and content containers you can use.