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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS

Off-Air Recording Information

BOCES 2 component schools may request that a program be recorded from any of the Time Warner Cable channels except for those listed as Pay-Per-View or Premium.

How do I request that a program be recorded (i.e., off-air taping)?

  • First, get the details of the program that you want recorded. For information on potential programs, look at some listings here.
  • For a complete listing of available channels click HERE.
  • Once you have found the program you want recorded, fill out the request form below. Please fill out the form completely to be sure the correct program is recorded.
  • Please make your requests at least 24 hours prior to the show's air time. If the show is airing in less than 24 hours, please contact the media library at

Guidelines for Off-Air Recording (Recording Broadcast Programming)*

There are a number of restrictions placed on the use of video materials made from broadcast television programs. The three most critical limitations are:

  • Recorded programs are to be used only for face-to-face instruction related to curriculum.
  • Recordings may be kept for no more than 45 calendar days after the recording date, at which time the DVDs must be discarded.
  • Recordings may be shown to students only within the first 10 school days of the 45 day retention period.

*The above guidelines are for commercial television broadcasts and some public television broadcasts, unless the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES has negotiated other rights or licensing agreements, or other agreements are explicitly stated by the rights holders.

Off-Air Recording